It has been brought to the attention of "Eprofits Network" & "", that there are individuals via social media & specifically INSTAGRAM, claiming to have an association with this company (EPN) and fraudulently, without our consent, stealing our "intellectual property" by using our name(s) "GStar & Dimarco Chris" to conduct illegal activity. These individuals are also using these fraudulent profiles to send individuals to this website in order to solidify their alleged association with this company.


Unfortunately , this is the Internet and these malicious people are STEALING our intellectual property without our permission. It is our upmost concern that we maintain the clean image of our brand and email marketing system we provide. We are in no way shape or form associated with ANY of this activity. Please be aware of people telling you to send them cash, as cash is "NOT" a form of payment we accept.

We only process payment through PayPal 100% of the time and is our only payment processor to which you are provided a receipt via email , should you decide to sign up for our marketing & teaching course.

Please feel free to let us know about these fraudulent criminals, so we can join together and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.


If you have run across any profile claiming to "Flip Your Money" or "Contact them personally in order for them to lure you into there illegal entrapment."  do not! Instead, please help us to place a bit of control in order to stop these con artist;



Or Let us know by Leaving a Comment Below...

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