How netrepreneurs make millions of dollars

7 Rich Netrepreneurs Making Millions Online

Smart business savvy “Internet Entrepreneurs” known as “Netrepreneurs” are secretly making millions upon millions of dollars right before our eyes. We see them here or there, but only a small percentage of people who encounter them actually pay attention and decide to take action. Believing that it’s way to difficult of a field to involve themselves in, or it’s some beautiful unreachable rainbow that you always see, knowing that it exist but can never touch. Hands down one of the fastest ways to earn money online today, is through Netrepreneurism.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of marketers online, making a killing every single day right under your noses, silently and effectively. Most whom which you’ll never know there name nor have seen their face, but odds are you may have purchased a product or signed up for a free trial for something through one of their online automated marketing systems. These are the ones responsible for those little ads you see on the right side of your timeline, every time you log into Facebook. The ones who create mega fan pages based around very small but extremely targeted niches like barbecuing, sewing or gardening. The ones who advertise on youtube at the top of all your search results when you’re looking for your favorite show or band. These smart marketers have a new name which is now slowly but surely helping to usher in a new age of entrepreneurs which we now are referring to as the age of the Netrepreneur..


What do "Netrepreneurs" actually do?

How are they creating wealth while dominating a corner of the online space, some who rarely even show there face?

Good question...

Here is a list of just a few affluent marketers at the very top of their game who are doing just that. Feel free to go take a peek for yourself, then come back & finish reading. Now remember, these guys are at the top of the totem pole in their respective marketing fields and they take their businesses very seriously. There extremely passionate about what they do and they've taken the time to build their own foundations for success. Yet, they all have the same exact thing in common. They all have websites (That's #1), they all create content, they all make money based on influence ,they all use marketing automation & there all do'ers! 


Russell Brunson ☆ Creator of the "DotComSecrets" & the automated marketing platform "ClickFunnels"


Tai Lopez ☆ The Flame Starter. Leader, author, mentor, personal development activist, Youtube paid ads dominator -


Todd Brown ☆ The Michael Jordan of marketing funnels. Ceo of “Marketing Funnel Automation” and the “Six Figure Sales Funnel” archetect -

Sean Donnahoe ☆ Seo,content marketing and syndication expert -


Mark Thompson ☆ Mr. Creative Thinker. Owner of "Digital Kickstart" Created a suite of marketing tools and services to assist new or established marketers


Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason ☆ Affiliate Marketing Mad Scientist. Lead generation specialist, marketing tool creators, email marketing cultivationist, Incentivized marketing leaders -



So what do these savvy internet marketing netrepreneurs sell?


Most of the time they're in the business of online business training or coaching, where they teach others various strategies they've learned and mastered over the years to create automated online wealth. This kind of business is referred to as "Info Marketing".


Much like going to school & learning a specific field, which you pay for ultimately. The same rules apply online. Once a user finds a mentor or marketing coach they're comfortable with or trust. They will then be more open to enroll in that particular netrepreneurs online training course, to get more insight or learn a particular online system, strategy or marketing skill that would otherwise take months or years of googling to piece together. The goal of the "Info Marketer" is to help students jump start the process related to the research, trial, error and frustrations that come with creating online processes used to help increase the money made by your current business or to help you generate new streams of income online more effectively from scratch.


The next big leap in the world of online marketing and sales generated by netrepreneurs would begin to happen when they transition from the info marketing space, into the automated platforms and software development space. These platforms and softwares are just tools or processes developed to increase the productivity of a marketer's efforts. This allows marketers the ability to free up time, track and scale, semi or fully automate their business, maximize each new visitor, click or view for optimal engagement, generate traffic and much more. Ultimately some choose to expand on the info marketing aspect and fully transition in the personal development & mentoring space, which is driven by perception & the marketer's ability to help others succeed in their own endeavors. 


What good is a carpenter without his toolbelt, right? Think about it like this... Let's say there's a hundred vendors in the same room who want to sell the same exact products at a particular event. The guy or girl who comes most prepared, with the best presentation, the most valuable freebies, the nicest set up & the smoothest purchasing or sign up process, is more likely to make the biggest impression. A better process & presentation is prone to peak the interest of more people at the event giving the more prepared business professional an edge, which will allow them to outperform those who came unprepared or don't seem to be as knowledgeable about their field in comparison to the next. These online business tools are considered a "Must have", by top producing marketers. If you want to be ahead of the game & have an edge over your competitors, who are all competing for the same group of people's attention. You will need a few extra marketing tools in your arsenal to help you reach the next level and maximize your campaigns.


There are tons of ways to market yourself online or create income. Today's internet entrepreneurs have a massive advantage over traditional brick and mortar entrepreneurs in the past whom had no other choice then to build a business the physical way.





Here's a quick tip to simplify the process for you in 7 easy steps.


  • 1

    Choose a market you're interested in or find your market within the online space.

  • 2

    Find your product related to your markets interest or create a solution to a particular problem in your market.

  • 3

    Create your campaign structure, ie.. Website, YouTube channel or Sales Funnel.

  • 4

    Create content that's tailored specifically to your target audiences likes or needs.

  • 5

    Capture your audience's information, follow up or build rapport with them through your automated marketing system.

  • 6

    Continue to create valuable related content in order to attract your market to you. You can also pay for these targeted visitors to come directly to your content, offer or product through other online websites or modalities.

  • 7

    Use online marketing tools to test, track and scale your results. Focus only on the marketing methods that produce interest, activity or sales.


There you have it! The blueprint to becoming a successful marketer or netrepreneur from the privacy of your home computer. It's not hard and these processes don't have to be. Find your niche, follow the structure, stick with it and ask questions.



If you would like to get a huge edge on starting your next business online from scratch or increase sales from your current business. We outline these steps in greater detail and help you set up your first automated online marketing system within the members area. The world awaits, and who knows you may be the next top netrepreneur making money in your field of interest in the next few months.


Ran across any smart internet marketers or netrepreneurs who deserve some shine?